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Sirer Property Investments is a trading name that encompasses the Sirer Property Group, headed by Ersin Sirer, a London-based businessman with 40 years of property and business experience.

The Sirer Property Group covers all aspects of property-based investments, from high-end bespoke residential developments, new builds, and office/warehouse to residential conversions, to long-term high-yielding rental investments.

We also provide strategic business development advice and facilitate companies to expand their market share through a network of credible connections.

Property and developments

We have over 25 years of active involvement in property development covering all property market segments, from high-end bespoke residential developments, new builds, warehouse/office to residential multi-unit conversions, to long-term rental investments.

Sirer HMO Residences is an up-scale HMO Private Rental Sector property owner/operator, and advisor, with locations in London, and towns in Southern England.

  • Sirer HMO Residences builds strategic local partnerships to bring local knowledge and expertise to expanding property portfolios.
  • Gross rents increase by up to 300% plus
  • Benefits for tenants of rental cost savings of 30-40%
  • Adding value & improving sub-standard rental stock
  • Sirer HMO Residences are aligned with UK property trends for downsizing and national and local Government Housing PRS objectives.

Strategic Business Development

Sirer Global Investments is a strategic business development partner for companies creating enhanced market share in global markets. Through our network of high-level connections and decision-makers, we facilitate expansion into new markets in several business sectors, including Healthcare and Construction.

International Healthcare

Business development partner for Healthcare Groups to provide seamless turn-key service in healthcare, diagnostics, training, and test-kits.

Genomed Turn-Key Laboratories

Genomed is a world leader in molecular diagnostic laboratories. These include diagnostic tests, turn-key laboratories, support and training. Over 20 years’ experience in the fields of Clinical Genetics and DNA based Forensics testing has resulted in an extensive company knowledge base, putting Genomed at the forefront of these technologies.

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals

Turkey’s premier private hospital group founded in 1989. Sirer Global Investments is a global business development partner for Turkey’s most established and premier private hospital group Florence Nightingale. As one of the leading private healthcare groups in Turkey, GFN operates with four general hospitals, a medical centre, a teaching hospital and a clinical research centre in Istanbul. The flagship hospital, namely Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital (“Istanbul FNH”) has started its operations in January 2013.

Philanthropy – Sirer Global Giving

Sirer Global Giving is set up as a platform to bring change through acts of giving. Offering mentoring, coaching, volunteering, and connecting people with charitable organisations in the UK and around the world to bring a positive impact to people’s lives.


Property Developing & HMO Investment Success

Treating Tenants as clients and working with a conscience.

This book is a guide about property investments and development which focuses not just on the bottom line and how to make great returns on your money but also to carry out business in an ethical and morally upstanding way. The book goes through all the aspects of investing, such as sourcing project opportunities, bank finance, making sure you have the right build contractor, using the most credible estate agents, and knowing how to place an offer so that you are taken seriously from day one. It also covers refinancing and its merits, field work getting the right local advice and much more.

This property guide will give you all the subtleties and insider knowledge to create wealth and independence
for the reader.

It is a business model that has worked for Ersin Sirer and he now wants to share this with others.

The Power of Giving & Communications

Most people associate giving with charity and donating money. There are many ways to give and participate, and
without the interaction of giving and taking, humankind would not exist.

We need to understand why we are giving, and the reason we are giving should be linked to the person or organisation
we are giving to. We must listen, observe and empathise to understand the needs of the receiving party, so that we
give the right thing, at the right time and in the right way. People give not because they have but because they have
an inherent urge to give and share.

You must first give to yourself, by setting your own goals for self-growth, peace of mind and empowerment to live in the moment. In order to genuinely love others, we need to love ourselves first. Giving is a powerful pathway to finding purpose, transcending difficulties, and ultimately giving meaning to our lives. Make giving part of who you are.



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